Choosing a Camera for Nature photography

Nature photography is a wonderful endeavor that we all find a pleasing pursuit. It’s usual when you see something exciting; you want to capture it in some way. Nature photography is extremely competitive. You have to be an incredible photographer with good images. There are so many reasons why an image becomes a good stock photo. A photograph is only a good stock photo if a customer is willing to present you reward for the use of that photo. Cameras are a great way to do this. I believe a high quality camera enables you to create professional quality picture.

It is important to get the best equipment considering your budget. Some of the important factors which you should keep in mind while choosing camera:-

Digital vs. Film:-One of the important decisions you will face is whether use digital or film. Today’s Digital cameras are used to capture high quality photos under different conditions. Most digital cameras come with options to shoot macro, portrait, and high speed and several other setting. Knowing how to use your camera is very important in creating quality images, which generally comes when you spent more time with the camera.

Lens:-If you want to capture the beauty of nature in your camera then, it’s important to know about lens that you will need to use for taking photographs of nature. For most of the nature photographs you will need to have lens in the range between 300-400mm.

Resolution:-Even the cheapest cameras provide minimum 5 megapixels which is quite good for creating 11*14 –inch photos. Resolution is measured in pixel. The more pixels a camera has the more features it can capture and give in even bigger print without becoming fuzzy.

Try to find rechargeable batteries:-Most of the photographers prefer rechargeable batteries. It becomes quite costly when you have to buy disposable batteries again and again. You have two choices when it comes to digital camera batteries: rechargeable AA or camera-specific battery packs. These batteries can be recharged hundred of times.

Nature stock photography is motivated by a passion where you cannot measure success on financial investement.It takes years to put up your passion for photography. And keep in mind, nature photography is a lifestyle, not an occupation!

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