Travel Photography a serious passion

Travel Photographers are a class apart as Travel Stock Photography is involves a lot of hardships for an ace photographer. The Photographer needs to follow his instincts and hold the interest of his audience. There are very few professional photographers who will really be able to follow or are really following the proper process of travel photography.

A stock photographer and his crew need to follow the unwritten dress code which comes with common sense. If one is shooting in a safari the dress needs to be such that is camouflages you in the bushes and shrubs and doesn’t attract the wildlife towards you. Thus one should always avoid wearing bright colors like Red, Orange, pink or yellow which will see a lot of wildlife being attracted towards you.

If you are planning to shoot with a model make sure that the model has signed a contract with you which says that you are free to publish their photographs and if you can get them to endorse the photographs with their signatures, date and time it will add to your profile.

In case you are travelling to interior lands and have planned to visit the virgin areas which have not still been discovered you ought to take a translator cum guide with you. Don’t rely on your instincts over here as it may prove to be dangerous many people are averse to being photographed. Moreover the Guide/Translator will help you in finding more exotic locations which you can’t do on your own.

Travelling with a laptop, card reader and a backup drive will add to your experience as it would be really easy fro you in case you have a new camera and need to upload software’s into it to get the best photographs on the move. While visiting a foreign country make sure you have the right adapter to charge your electronics else you may have to spend a considerable amount on accessories that you can easily avoid.

Don’t just click photographs make them. Find the ideal location for clicking the subject. Think about all the elements that are there in the photographs and check in your mind if they complement each other. Think about the mood you are going to create with the picture. And live that mood yourself while clicking the picture this will not only add to your experience but will also go a long way in getting the best shot. Who knows you may create magic with your camera.

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