The use of Umbrellas in Photography

It’s not only the camera that forms an essential tool in photography. A lot of other equipment is also used in photographing various objects that have their own importance. Light forms an important ingredient while photographing. There are various tool and accessories that are used to control the flow of light. These tools are used according to the light required, depending upon the amount of light already present and the subject that is being photographed. The location also plays an important role in deciding the nature of tools to be used while photographing.

The first and very basic tool used by photographers while starting their career as Photographers is the Reflective Umbrella. The light from the flash is bounced on the umbrella which later bounces on the subject. These reflective umbrellas come in various forms. Some of them have white interiors while others have silver and gold interiors which have an excellent quality to reflect light. Striped umbrellas are also in much demand as they produce an effect of instant fake suntan. White umbrellas are the ones that produce the softest light and silver ones produce a harder light. While reflective umbrellas are quite effective in controlling light and don’t let the light to bounce around everywhere. Since it requires the flash head to be placed between the subject and the umbrella thus it becomes quite difficult to place the flash near the subject and place a soft light.

Shoot through umbrellas is yet another tool that is extensively used by photographers worldwide. This is generally used when softer light is required from an umbrella. These kinds of Umbrellas can’t be called the perfect umbrellas to shoot with as they will let only 60% of the light to pass through them. In these kinds of umbrellas the rest 40% of light will bounce back through the walls and ceiling. Thus uncontrolled light will fall on the subject which will give it an effect that the photographer does not really want to be happening.

There is another range of Umbrellas that come and have almost become a favorite with photographers as they are considered as two in one. These are combination umbrellas. These umbrellas have a black back. The back can be removed and once the back is removed these umbrellas become shoot through umbrellas.

Umbrellas while used in photography are quite effective not only to get the desired effects but also cost wise. They are portable and can be installed at any place with ease. Although popular in studios or rooms that are quite spacious umbrellas may turn out to be a nuisance in small rooms or studios. Softbox is yet another accessory that can be used to curb the disadvantages presented by umbrellas while using them in small places.

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