Showcasing Stock Photos in a art Gallery

Its time now that you showcase your talent and work to the whole world. Making use of Art galleries for showcasing your stock images in the best move that is made by a confident professional photographer as he has the guts to present to the world what he thinks and how he sees this world others will just keep clicking with their cameras and keep piling up images in a hope that someday their talent and work will be recognized and they are going to be rewarded for that. It’s not that simple! You need to come out of your comfort zone and have the guts to announce your arrival on the stock photography scenario.


If it is for the first time that you are approaching an art gallery to showcase your works there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Art Galleries exist there to make profits. They will be quite choosy and may even ask for samples and references of your past works. You may have to bear a few rejections before getting a break for yourself. The art gallery owners are aware of the stuff that sells and that does not sell in terms of stock photos. It is always advisable to take the rejection as a feedback as it is the clientele that decides whether your photographs are going to be exhibited or not. The quality and subject of your work although plays a part but a very small fraction.


Make sure that you have researched amply about the repute of the art gallery before you decide to showcase your work over there. If possible visit the galleries personally and get a feel about the kind of works they are dealing with and the kind of client base they are having. Make sure that you know the terms and condition before you get into any contract with the art gallery. Check the kind of arrangement they have for the payments; many of them work on a commission basis.


Once you are ready to exhibit your work in an art gallery you need to ready your stock photos to catch the attention of the patrons of that art gallery. Framing is a very important aspect while you have your work lined up for the public and critics. A frame can make or mar the chances of your stock images. You may have all the right techniques, the right lighting, the best angles and superb subjects but if you don’t have a good frame chances are that your stock photo may just be ignored over others that have the perfect frame that gels well with the surroundings of the art gallery.


Exhibiting your work and talent is surely going to be the best bet for a novice and an experienced photographer. Change your venue and location frequently so that people with varied interests and tastes can have a view of your work. Reaching out to a maximum number of people will be the most ideal approach for a stock photographer.


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