Pitfalls to avoid while capturing for your stock photos

There are many occasions when we even as professional photographers with a great reputation and having a stockpile of stock photos to brag about tend to commit mistakes that are hard not only to ignore but also have a tendency to teach us something that we need to remain careful in future. Of course all of us have committed these mistakes that have ruined the shot which could have been one of the best selling shots in our stock photos. There are several pitfalls that need to be avoided at all costs wile taking a shot or being outdoors

Never work for free even for your close friends

This is something that you need to avoid at any cost since people will start believing that you are easily available and would work at a cheap price. It’s going to create a reputation for you that you are not serious about earning money. Capturing for a noble cause of course is not included here you can shoot free of cost for a charity or a NGO that you trust will use your images for a good cause. Rest charge everyone including your family members. If you are new to the profession keep your price low so that people are ready to experiment with you till you have created a reputation for yourself as a professional Rights Managed Photographer who takes his work seriously.

Being afraid of asking someone to pose for you

Its never a bad decision to ask someone to click them for a shot. The answer will be either a yes or no. If its a no never mind a better option waits for you. But if it’s a yes you have a perfect shot for your Rights managed stock photo database. Walking on the streets there are opportunities waiting round the corner that would be of interest for one of your clients. Its up to you whether you grab that opportunity or are too scared to ask the person permission to click him or her.

Check your camera settings before clicking

Many of us are confident enough that our camera settings are perfect and in place but double checking these setting is surely going to pay you off in the long run. It may sometimes happen that you had to take a shot from a short distance and had adjusted your settings accordingly and next you were able to catch a glimpse of a flying bird that you clicked in the same settings chances are that the image thus developed will be of an inferior quality than expected. The most common mistake even professional photographers tend to make is shooting video with a DSLR at the wrong frame rate.

Checking the lens is quite crucial

Checking the lens for any dirt particles is quite crucial while capturing your prized images. Even a speck of dirt is more than enough to ruin the shot you are intending to capture. Never ever clean your lens with your breath as done by many photographers as this lowers the clarity of images. Remember lens is the eye of your camera what and how it’s going to see will be presented to the world in the same manner. Make sure you have your stock of clean towels and lens cleaning spray with you every time you are out clicking your stock image database.

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