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Capturing Sunrise and Sunset with your photography skills

Clicking the brightest thing available on earth is the best start for any photographer. There are various angles and times when you can capture the beauty of the sun with your clicking machine. However the best photos that have won numerous awards so far have been those that have been either clicked at sunrise or at sunset. This is the time when the sun it at the peak of its beauty and a masterpiece for the photographer who has an inclination to click photographs that will surely mesmerize a million eyes that will get a chance to witness the clicks.


While photographing the sun you need to a bit of planning as angle and timing of the shoot are quite crucial. Winters are considered to be the best time for clicking photographs of the sun. As the sun rises late and sets early thus you don’t need to wake up at wee hours and wait for the sun to set till late hours in the evening. Make it a point to check the timing and the weather forecast for the day when you have planned the shoot at least a day in advance. If the sky is clad with dense clouds you may be forced to postpone your plan of shooting on that particular day.


Do a recce of the place where you have planned the shoot and check for the angles that you are going to shoot. You need to check if the place has an unobstructed view or are buildings and electric poles or wires obstructing your view. The more higher a place you choose for the shoot the better images you are going to click.


Make notes of all places that you visit. The timing of the sunset and sunrise is of utmost importance along with the month and date. You may have a craving to come back to click some images later. You need to have a good quality camera with you while going in shooting the sun along with a tripod that will keep your camera still while shooting. Manual focus will be essential while shooting the sun.


Its not only the sun that will create magic, the sun along with other natural things will help you boost the images that you click. Try clicking a sunset from behind a tree or form the bushes. Keep experimenting with different angles, experience and patience will surely pay you rich dividends in your future endeavors.


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Photographing Flowers from a photographers perspective

Photographing flowers for stock photos will be the best option for a new photographer who has just begun his career in photography. Flowers are the natural choice since they are beautiful and will pose for the photo shoot without much fuss. Moreover its s bit easy for a starter to find and click flowers without much ado. The market to sell fotos of flowers is quite large one just needs the right contacts and market to showcase their talent, but remember it a highly competitive niche so sub quality work will not really help you much if you are planning to seek a living out of selling your photographs with flowers as the prime subject.

Getting the right angle while photographing flowers is of utmost importance. The best option is to take as many shots from different angles and select the best one out of them. You may have to lie down to take your best shot and remove any grass blades or other flowers to have an unhindered view of your subject. Taking shots from unusual angles will surely make your photos stand apart from the crowd.

The lighting part needs to be taken care of by means of studying the angle of the sun throughout the day as natural light will give you the best effects instead of using a flash. Sunlight will also ensure that the background is lit well. Take pictures early in the morning as the wind will be low and the morning dew will be adding to the beauty of the flowers. Using a tripod is always advised so that you don’t get those blurry images once you download or develop the photographs to be marketed. There may be instances where you may need to soften the light falling on your subject. Use a diffuser in that case it will be really helpful in getting the desires results. If you are low on budget make a diffuser of your own but make sure it works like the original commercial diffuser that is sold or rented in the market.

Make sure while placing the subject in the frame that it is not centered that is you are not focusing it on the bull’s eye. Placing the subject at the center-top will be just fine and placing it at the center-bottom will be the best option. Take care to manage the background as a busy background will kill your image. Make sure that you don’t have distracting backgrounds. Don’t rely on software’s as a natural background will work wonders instead of changing it later on Photoshop or any other software.

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Photographing in a Club with dim Lights

Photographing in a club is a passion that very few photographers tend to share amongst themselves. It needs a lot of passion to click in the din as the atmosphere in a Club is charged and almost everyone is high on the music. This is the place where one is sure to capture the energy and the mood that will be lacking while shooting in another environment. Clicking photos is quite a challenge in this highly energized setting as the photographer may be swayed by the high pitch of music, finding a way to the stage can be quite difficult and people will be banging to you while you are photographing.

Apart from this the lighting will be dim or the lights may be shining on your face which makes the task even more challenging. Many people will get swayed by the settings, leave their camera in their car and enjoy the evening instead of clicking a photo or two. But there are photographers who will keep their focus and instead of the numerous challenges posed by the settings will go ahead and do what they are there for.

Before shooting in a club or a specific performer you need to put in place many a things that will surely make the photographing session much more enjoyable and comfortable for you. One needs to do ample of research before going in for shooting a live performance. Things may change almost everyday, the performers/band, the settings, the venue, the spirit of the show, the audience etc. You need to select a place where you are going to take your position in order to get the best shots. Be smart enough to get the information on the lighting and the stage setup. One needs to know the obstacles that are going to come while shooting and needs to have a plan in terms of overcoming those obstacles.

Have first hand information on the kind of crowd that is visiting the venue. This will give you an opportunity to fix a spot for yourself to get the best shots and also will give you an insight into the behavior of the crowd. Thus you can easily plan the kind of equipment that you are going to carry with you. Getting information about the positioning of the band on stage will give you ample of time to plan your moves.

Permission to shoot is of utmost importance, this permission can be obtained either from the venue manager or from the performers themselves. Make sure to ask if you can use flash or not as there are many clubs that don’t allow flash as it may affect their performers. Take care that you have a photo pass wherever it is necessary. While buying a ticket for a show check if they allow photography as it would not really be good if you are tossed out in the midst of a performance just for clicking some photographs.

While planning the equipment make sure that you carry light weight equipment that is easy to use. Take care you have the right lenses with you and if the usage of flash is not restricted make sure you have enough battery that will at least last the show. Its always advisable to carry extra battery with you. Your business card and earplugs will surely be an asset for you while shooting in clubs or live performances.

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Tips for photographing in a Studio

Clicking photographs in the studio especially while clicking for Stock Photos requires a lot of creativity. Without creativity a photographer will get dull and boring images of the subject. Lighting and other studio equipment has to be used in the optimum way to make the images look lively and colorful those have the ability to attract the attention of the beholder. If one has a big budget then renting a big studio can be a good option where one will find all the lighting and background needed to create all the effects. Having a studio at home will also be a good option as you can shoot spontaneously as and when required.

Take care while renting a studio check if the studio is floor based or ceiling based. One needs to be quite careful with a floor based studio as all the lights and background support is light and will prove to be a hurdle while you move around in the studio. Care should be taken not to knock down the equipment in the process of moving here and there. A ceiling based studio will have all the equipment mounted upon background rollers; a rail system then allows positioning of the lights in a rectangular area. Its fantastic mechanical tool that allows one to position the lights from any angle that suits the needs of the photographer. Although ceiling studios are far costly than floor studios but the money spent on hiring a ceiling studio is worth it.

A photographer needs to be quite particular about the lights that he is going to use while photographing his subjects. Before deciding the type and quantity of light you are going to require you need to decide the kind of camera you are going to use for photography. The subjects also play an important part in deciding the type and quality of light that is going to be used. If one is using a big camera that requires small apertures then more light will be required in shooting the subjects. The size of the subject is also crucial in deciding the amount of light required. Head-and-shoulders portraits require less light as compared to bigger subjects like automobiles.

The use of sunlight can be done effectively if the studio has a window from where sunlight can be allowed to enter and fall on the subject at a particular angle. Once you are clear with the size of the subject and the type of camera to be used its time you decide on the type of light that is going to be deployed for the photo shoot. You need to decide whether you are going to use hot, warm or cold light. The choice of the light will depend upon the effects you are hoping to get on your subjects. This will require a bit of brainstorming as different kinds of lights will present a different effect on the subject.

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The use of Umbrellas in Photography

It’s not only the camera that forms an essential tool in photography. A lot of other equipment is also used in photographing various objects that have their own importance. Light forms an important ingredient while photographing. There are various tool and accessories that are used to control the flow of light. These tools are used according to the light required, depending upon the amount of light already present and the subject that is being photographed. The location also plays an important role in deciding the nature of tools to be used while photographing.

The first and very basic tool used by photographers while starting their career as Photographers is the Reflective Umbrella. The light from the flash is bounced on the umbrella which later bounces on the subject. These reflective umbrellas come in various forms. Some of them have white interiors while others have silver and gold interiors which have an excellent quality to reflect light. Striped umbrellas are also in much demand as they produce an effect of instant fake suntan. White umbrellas are the ones that produce the softest light and silver ones produce a harder light. While reflective umbrellas are quite effective in controlling light and don’t let the light to bounce around everywhere. Since it requires the flash head to be placed between the subject and the umbrella thus it becomes quite difficult to place the flash near the subject and place a soft light.

Shoot through umbrellas is yet another tool that is extensively used by photographers worldwide. This is generally used when softer light is required from an umbrella. These kinds of Umbrellas can’t be called the perfect umbrellas to shoot with as they will let only 60% of the light to pass through them. In these kinds of umbrellas the rest 40% of light will bounce back through the walls and ceiling. Thus uncontrolled light will fall on the subject which will give it an effect that the photographer does not really want to be happening.

There is another range of Umbrellas that come and have almost become a favorite with photographers as they are considered as two in one. These are combination umbrellas. These umbrellas have a black back. The back can be removed and once the back is removed these umbrellas become shoot through umbrellas.

Umbrellas while used in photography are quite effective not only to get the desired effects but also cost wise. They are portable and can be installed at any place with ease. Although popular in studios or rooms that are quite spacious umbrellas may turn out to be a nuisance in small rooms or studios. Softbox is yet another accessory that can be used to curb the disadvantages presented by umbrellas while using them in small places.

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Photography at night most rewarding

Photography in the blanket of night can be quite a rewarding experience not only for the photographer but also for the person who has the opportunity to see or feel the photograph that has been captured at night. Photographs clicked in dim lights are in much demand for stock photos. But one should be quite careful and should know the way to get the best out of the subjects while clicking at night. One needs a good understanding of the camera exposure and use of long exposure times.

Innovative and creative lighting arrangements can be set up while shooting at night to get wonderful effects that one cannot even think of getting in the daytime. The special effects that one can get while shooting at night are unbeatable and are quite be used for transforming subjects into things that would look quite ordinary while observing them with the eyes. Click some stars on a clear night and you will understand the fun of shooting at night.

While clicking stable subjects be sure to use a tripod to shoot at slow shutter speed. Take care that the camera does not shake else the image will have a blurry look. Experiment with the images and shoot with the white balance to daylight; this will surely go a long way in the deciding the quality of the images that you are clicking. Take care to reduce the digital noise; you can do this by setting the camera’s self timer mode on.

Blurring images at night has an effect of its own. The real picture is almost transformed into something different and gives an out of the world feeling to the photographer and people who have an opportunity to witness the image along with the real picture of the subject. Creativity and artistic perfection along with award winning photographs can be clicked with blurry images clicked at night. Using a tripod along with setting the ISO at 100 and setting the shutter speed to 10 seconds or slower will be enough to capture mesmerizing images of the subjects. While clicking moving cars make sure that you click them from behind capturing the red tail lights. Red is considered to be the highlighting color for photographs that gives a superb effect to the images in the images that are captured.

The best time according to many photographers is at dusk. At this time there is enough light in the sky for that effect that can be transformed into magic once captured in the camera. This is the perfect time as you don’t have to rely much on artificial lighting and can easily click subjects without worrying much for the paucity of light.

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Tips while photographing in the wild

Photographing Wildlife is an adrenalin generator that will surely get a photographer. There is nothing more beautiful than capturing a wild animal in its natural habitat. Although it may be a bit dangerous at time but taken the right precautions you can easily make optimum use of the resources available at hand click photographs that you can cherish for a lifetime. Clicking photographs in the wild is not as easy as it seems to. It has its own challenges. The difference clicking wildlife in its natural habitat and in the zoo is quite evident once you get those photographs developed either on paper or upload them on your computer.

It’s always important that you have a strategy in place while you are going in for a photo shoot in the wild. Some people will be astonished at the idea of a strategy while going to click photographs in the wild but it’s true. You need to know what you are doing and what you will do in times where your plan of action does not work. Make sure that you don’t make much noise while in the forest as this may scare your subjects or may even act as a catalyst for one of your subjects to attack you and your team.

While photographing in a sanctuary or a national park going by a vehicle will surely be a good idea as the wild animals are accustomed to the vehicles which approach them and in many cases they may even approach the vehicle in search of something to eat. You need to be ready with something edible to offer to your subjects as this may provide you with an opportunity to click some magnificent moments in your camera.

Using a tripod is strongly recommended whenever shooting out in the wild. If a Tripod does not qualify the situation then a bean bag or some other stable object can be used for stability. The camera setting should be on manual mode so that you can easily focus on the subject and don’t have to rely on the guesswork of the camera to focus on a object that you really don’t want to focus. Be always ready if the object starts moving you may have to adjust your settings in order to get the pose that you rally want to capture.

Keep in mind that the shutter speed is the king so you need to get the best camera while shooting out. A high shutter speed is recommended while shooting subjects where you get really close to them like small birds. Having the best camera in your bag with a strategy in place its time to move out in the wild and start capturing the wildlife in your digital world for memories that can be cherished for life.

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Things to take care while photographing in Public

While shooting in public places one needs to be careful as people may consider you as someone who is infringing on their privacy. Not many people like the idea of being photographed by a stranger. The first and foremost thing that you as a photographer need to take care is the size of your camera. If you are shooting with a tiny camera people may feel threatened and you may not be able to get your desired poses and hence the desired results will not be at par. If you are using a large camera with a tripod people will be more comfortable while you click them. A Tiny camera may cause people to cast doubts on your photography motives. Make sure you have the permission to click in busy crowded city walks and tourist attractions if you are shooting with a large camera.

Make sure you have examples of your work along with you whenever you are shooting in public. This will help you build the comfort level of your subjects with you. They will have an idea of what exactly you are doing at that particular spot with your equipment and all their doubts will be put to rest. Thus carrying examples of your past work is going to help you build confidence in your subjects. Along with these examples make sure you have your business card along with you. Distribute these business cards to people whom you interact with. This is again going to act as another confidence builder.

Make sure you ask for help from people whenever you are out there shooting in public this will help you in turning your potential trouble makers your friends and help you in capturing the best moments without any trouble. Remember you can change a relationship by asking for help. Make sure that you know the reason behind a particular person’s uncomforts to be clicked or the reason why he is stopping you from clicking a particular photograph. Once you know the reason it will be easy for you to diffuse the situation and turn the tables in your favor. Make sure you have an escape plan once you are trespassing. Its you who is breaking the law for your photography needs.

Dress as a tourist this will give you an excuse even in your local area to have access to the most protected parts of the town. Believe it or not but its true. Using a decoy can also be of big help there are people who ask their own team to pose but photograph something else in the background or at a different angle. This can be easily done with the use of a telephoto lens. You need to work overtime on your camera skills as you may not always get your comfortable position while shooting n public.

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Managing your Digital Photographs

You have clicked numerous photographs and have a large collection of them in your computer and the albums that you have printed so that you don’t have to switch on the system every time you want to have a view of the photos you have clicked. In earlier times one had to stock all the photographs in an album and al the negatives had to be stored in boxes for future development or records. With the advent of Digital images its been quite easy to store all the photographs on the hard disk of a computer moreover with the availability of secure online space one doesn’t have to really make use of the hard disk and can easily store all the photographs online from where they can be accessed from any part of the world.

Its not so simple to store al the images at one place as it looks in the first instance. You need to have a proper back up for the images that have been stored. Unless there is a proper back up there is a risk of loosing all the hard earned moments captured after years of toil. Images need respect while you are storing them just like the photo albums and the negatives that were stored with utmost care.

Make sure that you download only clear images from your camera. Delete all blurry images as soon as you find them n the camera. Downloading them into the computer will only mean adding clutter to the already overworked computer. Download images into the computer frequently as this will only help you to manage the photographs in a better way. You can easily label them and store them in their respective folders. This will also help you to keep your camera memory card empty and ready fro the next shoot. Make sure you have a specific location on the computer to download and save all the images it will help you in organizing them in a better way. Even if you have to find a particular image after 2-3 years it will be quite easy fro you to locate theta image. Take care to have a back up on an external hard drive in case your computer develops a technical snag.

Label the subfolders with the year that they have been shot and try using names that give a clear description of the images stored in the particular folder. Keep your personal photographs separate from the ones that you intend to use commercially. Label all the photographs with a descriptive tag and make sure anyone who sees the tag knows what to expect once the photograph is opened.

Organizing your photographs online or on a local machine is not too difficult you just need to have a will to do that. Sure enough keeping the photographs in an organized manner is going to pay dividends to you in future.

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Travel Photography a serious passion

Travel Photographers are a class apart as Travel Stock Photography is involves a lot of hardships for an ace photographer. The Photographer needs to follow his instincts and hold the interest of his audience. There are very few professional photographers who will really be able to follow or are really following the proper process of travel photography.

A stock photographer and his crew need to follow the unwritten dress code which comes with common sense. If one is shooting in a safari the dress needs to be such that is camouflages you in the bushes and shrubs and doesn’t attract the wildlife towards you. Thus one should always avoid wearing bright colors like Red, Orange, pink or yellow which will see a lot of wildlife being attracted towards you.

If you are planning to shoot with a model make sure that the model has signed a contract with you which says that you are free to publish their photographs and if you can get them to endorse the photographs with their signatures, date and time it will add to your profile.

In case you are travelling to interior lands and have planned to visit the virgin areas which have not still been discovered you ought to take a translator cum guide with you. Don’t rely on your instincts over here as it may prove to be dangerous many people are averse to being photographed. Moreover the Guide/Translator will help you in finding more exotic locations which you can’t do on your own.

Travelling with a laptop, card reader and a backup drive will add to your experience as it would be really easy fro you in case you have a new camera and need to upload software’s into it to get the best photographs on the move. While visiting a foreign country make sure you have the right adapter to charge your electronics else you may have to spend a considerable amount on accessories that you can easily avoid.

Don’t just click photographs make them. Find the ideal location for clicking the subject. Think about all the elements that are there in the photographs and check in your mind if they complement each other. Think about the mood you are going to create with the picture. And live that mood yourself while clicking the picture this will not only add to your experience but will also go a long way in getting the best shot. Who knows you may create magic with your camera.

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